Become a candidate

Councillor Or MP

If you would like some help to become a Councillor or an MP please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  1. Fill out your nomination form to be an MP accurately and hand it in to your local Returning Officer. Write ‘Independent’ in the candidate description box to appear on the ballot, instead of leaving it blank with no description.
  2. Send us a picture of yourself by email to be displayed on this website.
  3. Share with us your social media account or website. This is a good place for people to send you campaign donations from.
  4. Record your video signing and reading aloud the No Corruption Alliance MP Pledge on camera. Upload it to a video sharing platform or your social media account (Odysee, YouTube, Twitter etc.) and send us the link. Make sure this video as well as your website and social media all includes the imprint that is following the rules that the Electoral Commission has set.
  5. Receive your endorsement emblem from us. You can use this unique endorsement emblem on your leaflets and elsewhere. This is a privilege that no other candidates running in your constituency will have.


  1. Now you are near the election, to officially announce your candidacy fill in your nomination form and hand it in to your local Returning Officer. You can find your Councils Returning Officer (RO) contact details here for England, Wales or Scotland. For N.Ireland you will have the same RO found here. You will need some references from people in your ward to put in on your nomination papers (tip: collect these beforehand).
  2. You can become a prospective councillor candidate without doing anything at all. Just let us know and we will add you to our directory for your area. Being called a prospective candidate is useful and the norm, everyone tends to do so because from the moment that you officially announce as a candidate almost everyday life expense you make could be legally scrutinized or weaponized into perceived campaign expenses.
  3. Let us know that you are now a candidate.

You can easily without any effort at all become what is known as a paper candidate, because there is no cost to run as a councillor.

A paper candidate is someone that doesn’t expend any effort campaigning but their name is still provided as an option on the election ballot and you also get the privileged option of being able to observe the election count.

Becoming a paper candidate is well worth your application because it is quite useful for building a name, providing an alternative option for people and also if you desire at any point, a chance to experience some part of campaigning and running or ensuring that our election processes are clean.

Please Note

If a local meeting exists in your constituency you will first have to be endorsed by them to be listed here.

The same steps as above still applies after being endorsed at your local meeting. You can see the procedures for this in the Branch Powers section.