Candidate resources: Campaign tips

Declare early

Don’t leave it till the last few weeks of the usual election circus campaigning season. Declare and plan a long-standing campaign straight away. Most people call themselves a ‘prospective candidate’ instead until late on, and yes you may have to be more careful about what financial moves could be considered campaign related as a result, but most people also don’t succeed!

Hold a debate

Set up a local debate between candidates. Then if the others in the main parties don’t show up, take a picture including their empty debating seats. Hold up a nice big A3 carded picture of their empty seats at the doors when door knocking. That’s an easy conversation starter!

Add a personal touch

After you have had a conversation with someone, ask them if you can shake their hand. It may seem trivial but it adds a personal touch and it will likely make encounters for your constituents more memorable.

Take photos

If you find some supportive constituents, make sure you take some photos with them. Ask them if you can use them on your website, social media and leaflets to help your election campaign succeed.