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The Current State of Elections

Our ratings formula!

You can download the No Corruption Alliance election rating system (1st edition) formula for free and open source from here in the form of an Open Document Spreadsheet, and make adjustments or improvements to it. We rely on your feedback.

General Elections
Entirely hand-counted

Count achieved on the same night

Full access to observers including postal signatures

Compulsory mailouts of postal voting forms x

Early in-person voting x

Points Rating: 13/20
Counted at a localised location by locals

Securely sealed chain of custody of in-person votes until count time

Wide-scale availability of on-demand postal voting

Percentage of postal votes: 21%

Colour Rating:
Most aspects to our General Elections (Parliament) are good. There are problems with postal voting. On-demand postal voting ballots are allowed without a strict reason for them. We have a strong tradition of voting in-person in General Elections, so postal vote numbers are relatively low (under 20%).

What can be done if free and fair elections are denied to us?

Do you feel your elections are transparent and fair? If not then you might want to withhold tax as leverage. Then you could potentially adapt our websites open source code into a useful tax rebellion leveraging tool. Any successful and reasonable objective-driven tax rebellion should include a clear red-line demand, with a set time frame, and with a forceful determination over a very wide consensus.

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