Removing, changing or adding candidates

How Branches Add Candidates

The local branch should give an opportunity at your public meetings where potential candidates can make their case. The branch is then recommended to vote on their chosen candidate. A show of raised hands will do for this in most cases.

Voting Procedure

If your branch has chosen to operate with one point of contact then the point of contact should record the vote for proof of accuracy. Otherwise the branch will use their three points of contact to corroborate and confirm how their vote was assigned.

If there are numerous complaints made about cheating then the branch will be asked to re-vote and provide clear proof of the result.

If No Branch Exists

Then candidates can self-appoint themselves following the steps explained. the No Corruption Alliance is completely impartial and has no say in this process. We are intentionally indifferent to the self-appointed candidates policies or views, we are just like an automated directory. If you do not like your local self-appointed candidate then I suggest creating an operational branch so your community can choose who they would be happy with as a candidate. If the pledge is broken or violated then the self-appointed candidate will be removed.

Changing Or Removing Candidates

The same voting procedures should be used for changing or removing branches chosen candidates.

Notify Us Of Any Changes

Be sure to update us on any changes to your branches chosen candidate or appointed point of contacts.

How to keep your candidates pledge in check