Growing our Alliance

We have found door knocking to be the most effective way of recruiting people to join our constituencies.

Constituency Map

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Recruitment Tools

Download our spreadsheet template to keep track of where you have already been:

PaperPDF, Word or OpenDocument.

DigitalExcel or OpenDocument.


Download our leaflet template.

Tips: Start with by knocking on neighbours doors in your street. Help people who are interested in attending your meeting to join on the website there and then (as life tends to distract people later). Ask them if they have their phone on them or use yours to guide them through it.

If you can, go in a pair of a man and a woman. We have found that to work better. Use your notepad and pen to make a note of where you have already been and haven’t! You don’t want to be knocking on the same door again.

It will all be worth it when you have your meeting and make a lasting positive change. Together our efforts will be rewarded and replicated across the whole of Britain. You could be the start of something special.