Help your candidate

There are many different ways that you can help your candidate and we have listed some of them here.

Volunteering on their campaign team

Having an army of volunteers supporting your candidates campaign can make a massive difference, however little or much time you can help them. Contact your candidate through their webpage which link can be found on their branch page.

Donating to their campaign

It costs independent candidates £500 before they can even appear on the ballot, yet they are competing against (candidates of) parties spending tens of millions of pounds in addition to campaign donations from billionaires and full time campaign staff. You can find a link to your candidates campaign website or social media on their branch page where you can find the place to donate to their campaign at.

Taking part in your local branch

A strong local branch makes for a healthy decentralised-democracy and a closer (more resilient) community.

Putting a poster or flyer in your windows and car

Its one thing having a great campaign and policies. Its another thing people knowing about it!

Spreading the word about their campaign and sharing their campaign social media materials

Change doesn’t happen unless people know about it. Let people know who’s running and why it would be good for them. Tell your friends, family and neighbors. Speak to people and sharing their campaign materials online will also help too!

Donating a space you may have available for a short period they could use as a campaign office

Have you got a garden house that could be useful as a temporary campaign office? Maybe a shed, garage or a room.

Spreading the word about No Corruption Alliance

The stronger our No Corruption Alliance becomes so does the sum of all it’s parts! Explain how a decentralised democracy will change people’s lives and serve them better than the suffering that centralised control has created through big party donors.