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Tottenham: 11 London (Haringey): 16 London: 124 England: 241

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Regular Public Meeting

Location: AYSO & ISI Bakery 381 High Road, London, N17 6QN (Google Maps / OpenStreetMap)

Frequency: Fortnightly.

Date: Saturday the 19th of August at 1pm.

Add To Calendar: Google Calendar or ICS

Meeting Agenda

1) Introducing ourselves and getting to know each other.

2) Introducing the vision and mission of the founder in getting rid of parties, the powerful donors who own them and replacing them with our locally endorsed independents instead.

3) What type of candidate people would like to endorse and what we would like them to change.

4) Topics for discussion and proposed solutions:

– Rising costs

– Inadequate healthcare

– LTNs

– Other topics that people wish to bring up

Email with any topics that you would like to add or change to this list to bring to the meeting for sharing, discussing and proposing solutions over. 

Branch point of contact: T.B.D

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